Rowan Wood Paint

A strong yellow brown wood paint that is transparent with a wood stain like finish to show the full beauty of the grain.

High performing exterior and interior eco wood paint with minimal V.O.C.s.

Mellow wood tone of a local favourite that also has legendary roots in Norse mythology, believing that the first woman was made from this tree.

This wood paint is suitable for any application inside or outside.

Translucent wood paints need to be treated like wood stains and the appropriate painting technique adopted. They are often not suitable for overcoating solid colour coatings and work best on fresh timber or in maintenance of a similar coating. Best applied with a small amount on the brush or roller, working the paint in well and spreading it out in small methodical stretches, painting with the grain and up to still wet paint to avoid patches and streaks. Applying by roller can produce really nice even results.

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